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Some of these sites were created directly by Pacific Computec while others were built under contract through other companies or agencies.  Each is a little different than the other so please take a look!  All but one of those below use fully relational databases with built-in online Administration so the owners can take care of edits and updates without incurring extra development costs.  To get a quote for your own site, please contact us!

Programming languages used include:
  • PHP
  • VBScript
  • Perl
  • C#
  • JavaScript
Databases used include:
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft™ Access
  • Microsoft™ SQL Server
  • DB2
  • Flatfile (text)
Descriptions, photos, technical information and stories about the first home video recorder, Cartrivision.

PHP and MySQL - Tableless design

Searchable database of health and human resources serving Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties, California.

VBScript and Microsoft™ SQL Server

Searchable database of subsidized and other low cost housing in Santa Clara County, California.  The site was designed and created with the capability to handle other counties' listings as needed, either with the current frontend or with a different design.  A mating site for San Francisco, which shares the same database backend and simulates San Francisco's current live but outdated site's frontend, was created but does not yet contain data.

VBScript and Microsoft™ SQL Server

Jewelry by Barb
Purchase custom jeweldy pieces and sets, created in sterling sliver with precious and semiprecious stones. Earrings and pendants are also available individually.

PHP and MySQL with DHTML - Tableless design

Legacy of the Diva, The
Site features articles about all your favorite opera divas. There is even a special feature of excerpts from the upcoming biography about Yma Sumac: Yma Sumac - The Art Behind the Legend.


Packards / Imperial Page
Interesting site about both Packard and Imperial automobiles with a special focus towards the Henney-Packard professional cars (hearses and ambulances) and the Ghia-Imperial limousines. Features photos of most years of Ghia and a Ghia-Imperial roster, with facilities for other Henney, Packard or Imperial rosters too. Be sure to check it out and add your Ghia to the roster!


PC Homepage (This Site)
You are there now!  Site for both Pacific Computec and Packards California and has many odd, unusual and often one of a kind items for sale both in computer and electronics and for the fine Packard automobiles.  Also provides services such as Web development, audio remastering, video editing/DVD buring and much more.


PersonalZone.net Self Marketing Site
Site used by professionals for marketing themselves, includes easy to use biography and resume forms, along with a place to add portfolio items.

PHP and MySQL with DHTML

Richard A. Nichols Homepage
Richard A. Nichols' personal Web site showing photos from his birth in 1949 to more recent ones.


Yma Sumac Homepage
Dating back to the mid '90s, the official Authorized Yma Sumac Homepage is the premier site for fans of the famous Peruvian singer.  One of the first sites about her, it features one of the largest Discographies ever compiled in an easily searchable database format.  Features full online administration for every aspect including the relational database Discography.

PHP and MySQL with DHTML

Yma Sumac Wiki
This example is of a pre-built hosted site, configured and installed by Pacific Computec.  It is based on the TikiWiki software and uses PHP with a MySQL backend.

Pre-built WIKI - PHP and MySQL

The Packard Crest is the registered trademark of The Packard Club, PAC, and is used with permission.

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